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The Toronto Data for Good Chapter

Data For Good is a collective of do gooders, who want to use their powers for good, and not evil, to help make our communities better through data.

We help other not for profit, and non-governmental, organizations harness the power of their data to make more informed and better decisions in their quest to make their communities flourish.

With a plethora of data scientists, data analysts and developers in Canada’s largest city and and abundance of tech enthusiasts, our collective of experienced volunteers come with not only a lot of grit, but expertise across industries. From tech to consulting to banking and even academia, our volunteers have a passion to go beyond their 9 to 5 and use their skills for good.

We also partner with some of the largest companies in Canada who sponsor their space, food and time to help our cause. Just in 2019, we’ve partnered with Paytm, Intelliware, CAPCO, Terminal and East-End United Church and worked with Youth Without Shelter, Stories and Storefronts, Kids Help Phone, East-End United, TRIEC and United Way. Looking into 2020, we are expanding not only our team but our scope by hosting DataNights and day-long Datathons to help NFPs of all sizes, with a diversity of missions and range of datasets.

If you have the passion as a sponsor, NFP or volunteer we would love to hear more from you.

Deepika Anandakrishnan
Deepika AnandakrishnanChapter Lead
As the Toronto Chapter Lead, I work towards fostering a community in Toronto that is more data-literate, data-conscious and data-responsible. With the general goal of increasing awareness about using data for doing social good, I am also looking forward to creating a space for data enthusiasts and evangelists from different fields to come together and work towards the greater good.
Eunice Lo
Eunice LoCommunity Growth Lead
As the Community Growth Lead, I am so excited to see the DFG community blossom, building a community of passionate do gooders and data scientists, strategizing with NFPs on how they can leverage data for strategic insights and initiatives and partnering with the booming corporations in Toronto.
I have a passion to use my expertise to help the community of NFPs who are making an impact on the world everyday harness the power of their data to build a better tomorrow.
Jeff Gignac
Jeff GignacPartner Lead
Jeff Gignac, founder and President of JMG Solutions, is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and has worked with over 700 hundred local, national and international nonprofits. As an official Blackbaud Partner, Jeff brings a diverse portfolio of skills and insights to line up fundraising and accounting needs with technology to produce superior outcomes for Canadian nonprofits.
Claire Gao
Claire GaoDatathon Lead
Finding insights from data and making actionable suggestions are both a career goal and my personal passion. What also inspires me in life is to help communities and people in need through NFP organizations! I hope to bring both my technical and communication skills as the Datathon Lead with Data For Good and help our clients reach their objectives and thus make a difference in their communities in the long term.
Jake Daniels
Jake DanielsCommunity Outreach Manager
I am thrilled to help NFPs across Ontario learn more from their spreadsheets. I focus on eye-catching visuals, like interactive dashboards and animated charts, because I want your data to tell a story your customers will understand and want to share.
Anam Mazhar
Anam MazharEvents Lead
I am passionate about bringing people together to work towards a common good. With D4G, I hope to foster a community where individual contributions translate into meaningful conversations and valuable results for our Non Profit Partners.
Linde Chen
Linde ChenData Cleansing Co-Lead
I am passionate about using data science to solve social and business problems. As the Data Cleansing Co-Lead, I am excited to uncover key relationships through data engineering and statistical inference, with the broader goal of helping every NFP organization place data-driven insights at the forefront of its decision making process.
Ashalatha Bettegowda
Ashalatha BettegowdaData Cleansing Co-Lead
I’m excited to use my data expertise to contribute to the community via Data for Good. My hope is to use my passion to tend to the data needs of NFP organisations and provide strategic insights, which will help them flourish.

Some of our Work in Toronto

A sample of some of the organizations we’ve helped in the past.

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Case Studies

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Want to be part of the fun?   You don’t need to be a data scientist or a PhD, there’s lots of ways that you can get involved with Data for Good.

In Toronto, we love to host big events but we also find it hard to fit all the enthusiasm in one room. If you have space to share with more than 100 passionate do gooders, we would be ecstatic to partner with you as our sponsor.

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